Those who Catch Life passionately pursue life to the fullest. Unwilling to accept mediocrity, they  Don’t Settle.  Likewise, we at Catch Life have not settled in the creation and crafting of our products.  We proudly say that no other tee shirt is crafted like a Catch Life Tee Shirt.

Nearly all tee shirts start with a blank, a plain tee shirt mass-produced by a wholesaler and sold to companies for screen printing. A Catch Life tee shirt starts with ring-spun yarn, specially chosen for its quality, according to our custom specifications for carding, drawing and spinning. After being super-combed our yarn is finely knitted into a grey fabric meeting Catch Life weight and looping standards. Through a series of customized dyeing and washing procedures our fabric is processed to a pure white color and dyed yet again to our unique color specifications. It then undergoes a softening and bio-washing process, a step which helps reduce cloth pilling. Each carefully supervised procedure contributes to the quality, softness and receptivity of the fabric to our screen printing dyes. Finally, the fabric undergoes a process called “compacting” which is similar to ironing. Our fabric is now ready for an intricate printing process.



After being shipped from the fabric mill to our printing facility, the fabric is cut to size.  Unlike other tee shirts which are printed on blanks, Catch Life tees must first be screen printed on a sheet of fabric before the actual tee shirt is constructed. This is because our unique over the shoulder designs cannot be produced on blanks by conventional tee shirt screen printing methods. Our proprietary printing process, taking nearly one year to perfect, involves the use of unique dyes which not only bring out the distinctive vivid design colors but help promote a soft hand feel of the printed fabric. Our print curing process further promotes these qualities by facilitating absorption of the added water content in the print. The printed fabric segments then undergo a customized silicone and enzyme wash to control shrinkage and assure the distinctive Catch Life soft hand. Each printed cloth is hand-checked for quality, assuring that only perfect specimens advance to the next stage of the crafting process.

Now our Catch Life tees shirts are ready to be constructed by our expert sewing team. Care must be taken in the garment crafting and sewing process to assure that the over the shoulder design is uniform. Special side vents at the hem and CL arm labels are added. Each final garment is again washed after which it is meticulously examined to assure it meets Catch Life specifications for size, garment construction as well as print quality and alignment. Any product not meeting our standards is shredded. And a Catch Life tee shirt is logosmall