Our Story

In 2007 we visited a leper colony in India, a place where lepers are exiled as unclean, subsisting as beggars. The “head man” plucked the last two coconuts off a coconut tree, and offered them to us in gratitude for our visit. This experience led us to start a charity, Last Coconut Foundation, dedicated to helping the poor and disadvantaged in India. Not only are CL tee shirts made in India, but a substantial portion of Catch Life profits is donated to LCF

Our Lifestyle

Our experience at the leper colony in India was transformative, a genuine life-altering event. Those afflicted with leprosy, outcasts in their own Indian society, were so grateful for our visit that they gave us a gift. We gave them nothing except our time and respect. How could we return to America as if we had viewed a documentary and it was time to turn off the TV and go to sleep? How could we settle for our life of ease and comfort in America, knowing others in the world live lives of hopeless rejection and poverty?

Indeed, we did not settle. We went back to India several times and interacted with native villagers in the remotest parts of the country. We began to understand the people of India and their culture and their basic human needs. Using our own donated funds, coupled with the donations of others to the Foundation, we began to help others Catch Life in India…disadvantaged women, orphans and children of day laborers and many others lacking meaning and hope in their lives.

Thus, Catch Life was born! Not only are our tee shirts manufactured in India, but company profits help others Catch Life abundantly.